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We provide the best quality ingredients of dairy nutrition for human consumption.

An Excellent Ingredient

high-protein low-lactose ratio makes MPC an excellent ingredient for protein-fortified beverages & foods and low-carbohydrate foods.

Committed to Quality

We are committed to providing the highest quality milk protein concentrate products.

Proven Benefits

Benefits of the nutritional profile of MPCs include concentrated source of protein, that easily attains high ileal digestibility of selected essential amino acids and high protein-quality ranking.

Health Nutrition & Performance

The benefits of casein in MPC is becoming increasingly recognized due to its ability to coagulate in the stomach; thus allowing for slow digestion and extended release of amino acids over time.

Solubility & Dispersibility

MPC provides excellent solubility and dispersibility, a very clean flavor profile, and good heat stability. It is suitable for nutritional applications, cheese milk extension, recombined cheese, and processed cheese. Where permitted MPC can be used to increase the protein level in cheese milk to achieve greater cheese yield without any significant capital investment.